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What is Spiritual Direction?

In this episode, Bill Hendricks, Kasey Olander, Gail Seidel, and Casey Tygrett discuss the basics of spiritual direction including what it is, who needs it, and the process that spiritual directors walk directees through.

Bill Hendricks • Casey Tygrett • Gail N. Seidel • Kasey Olander
April 30, 2024

Dispensationalism and Evangelicals

In this episode, Darrell Bock, Paul Weaver, and Daniel Hummel discuss Hummel’s book The Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism to offer critique and feedback.

Daniel Hummel • Darrell L. Bock • Paul D. Weaver
April 9, 2024

The Centrality of Scripture

In this episode, Kymberli Cook, Stephen Nichols, and Clint Arnold discuss the Bible, focusing on how it is viewed in academia and its importance in the life of Christians.

Clint Arnold • Kymberli Cook • Stephen J. Nichols
April 2, 2024
A screenshot of Dr. Joseph Fantin in front of a slatted wall

The Christmas Story and History — Classic

In this episode, Mikel Del Rosario and Drs. Darrell Bock and Joe Fantin discuss the historical background of the Christmas story, answering common questions that are asked about the Christmas story in light of historical concerns.

Darrell L. Bock • Joseph D. Fantin • Mikel Del Rosario
December 19, 2023

The Ministry of Women in Scripture

In this episode, Kymberli Cook, Milyce Pipkin, Sue Edwards and Kelley Mathews discuss the lives of various women in Scripture and their powerful contributions to the lives of those around them.

Kelley M. Mathews • Kymberli Cook • Milyce Pipkin • Sue G. Edwards
October 31, 2023

Origin of the Soul

In this episode, Kymberli Cook and Joshua Farris discuss the differing views on the origin of the soul and how the church has handled this subject over the years.

Joshua Farris • Kymberli Cook
October 3, 2023