shaping compassionate, courageous leaders

Ministry in an Angry Culture

It’s an angry world! Shouting matches on TV. Profanity and name-calling in the media. Rants and shaming on social media. Road rage in the streets. By contrast, Christ-followers are called to speak words that encourage and give grace to those who hear. How do we model Christ in our politicized, polarized, and outraged culture? Is it even possible to minister when you’re also angry? Especially when some of the angriest voices belong to Christians—with the resulting fallout of increased hostility towards the church (sometimes for good reason).

Upcoming Date: Monday, November 9 | 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
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The Table is the Hendricks Center’s weekly cultural engagement podcast, focusing on issues of God and culture. The show features a variety of guests and is hosted by Dr. Darrell Bock, Bill Hendricks, Mikel Del Rosario and Kymberli Cook.

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Shaping compassionate, courageous leaders.

Through programs, processes, and media resources, we seek to shape leaders who are passionately committed to God and His Word while personally compelled by God’s love for each person.