Work With Us

Want to help shape compassionate, courageous leaders?

If you are interested in compassionately and courageously considering current leadership and cultural issues through a biblical and theological lens, we would love to talk to you about becoming a part of our team!


If you want to learn how to shape compassionate, courageous leaders through content creation, transformational processes, and staff development… We're the place for you.

What We Can Give You
  • Interact with and meet influential members of the evangelical world 
  • Learn how to utilize your developing theological education as you engage with complex and controversial issues 
  • Learn the skill of engaging in controversial and divisive conversations in a loving and constructive manner 
  • Have the opportunity to genuinely contribute to the trajectory of our leadership center 
  • Have a place on a team that is part of the public face of Dallas Theological Seminary 
  • Have the opportunity to have your work published or featured in a public setting 
  • Participate in mentorship program with a seasoned ministry professional
What We Ask of You
  • Be a current student planning on enrolling in an internship program 
  • Work 7-10 hours a week, in the office if you are local 
  • Excellence in your selected area (minor revision of your work needed) 
  • Attend weekly staff and mentor meetings 
  • Attend and assist with THC events during your internship time frame 
  • Trust in us when we give you things that seem dreary (most of the time, that's the work of ministry anyway) 
  • Read Truth in a Culture of Doubt or How Would Jesus Vote by Darrell Bock; The Person Called You by Bill Hendricks to get a better understanding of the core foundation of The Center 
  • Work in tandem with your mentor in supporting their various projects   
The Most Qualified Applicant Will Have
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to be technology savvy, comfortable with data entry, and learning new software or technology quickly and effectively
  • Ability to take on additional responsibilities as needed 
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities with minimal guidance 
  • Exceptional work ethic and upholding the Center's values
  • Punctuality and discipline 
  • Detailed-oriented nature with the ability to use time productively and maximize efficiency
  • Ability to work as a self-starter with the ability to work well as part of a team and independently
  • Ability to handle conflict resolution effectively
  • Willingness and availability to sometimes work outside business hours
  • Determination to learn and be a team player

Below are the descriptions for each of the different internships that the Hendricks Center offers. If you are interested in applying for an internship through the Hendricks Center, please fill out the application below. Thank you!

Cultural Engagement
  • Support the efforts toward cultural engagement at THC aimed to equip leaders to engage in a pluralistic culture
  • Help with planning, production, and development of various initiatives, including Culture Engagement Chapels, Webinars, Events, and The Table Podcast
  • Help with planning and executing any student events (both live and virtual) and serving as an emcee for those events 
  • Writing and proofreading books and articles (when needed) 
  • Opportunity to submit blog posts or articles to DTS Magazine or Bib Sac  
Podcast Ministry
  • Support all aspects of podcast logistics (creating and following schedules, project management, planning topics, inviting guests, scheduling, preparing episodes for release, and producing statistic reports) 
  • Create biographies for guests, speakers, and participants of podcasts 
  • Help with background hosting and technical support for webinars and other virtual events 
  • Brainstorm and execute advertising and content curation for podcast 
  • Create videos celebrating and/or advertising various The Hendricks Center events 
  • Regularly record B-roll at The Hendricks Center events 
  • Function as THC photographer at significant events 
  • Record testimonials at significant events 
  • Pull clips from current and old podcasts to highlight on our website and social media 
  • Go through the Giftedness Assessment Program  
  • Assist in planning and executing the Giftedness Workshop each semester 
  • Go through the Giftedness Guide Training Program 
  • Serve as a giftedness guide once trained (2nd and 3rd semesters) 
  • Assist in planning and executing giftedness guide training sessions  
  • Recruit giftedness guides 
  • Help with other Hendricks Center efforts 

This intern will introduce speakers at selected workshops, help with registration processes, draft advertising materials, help conduct events, and have the opportunity to contribute to blog articles for DTS Magazine.

Christian Leadership
  • Assist in planning and execution of the Christian Leadership Conferences and webinars 
  • Opportunity to submit blog posts or articles to DTS Magazine or Bib Sac  
  • Work alongside the Assistant Director dealing with live issues of ministry leadership 
  • Interview 3 pastors on current Christian Leadership issues 
  • Assist in managing Hendricks Center interns  
Academic Hybrid
  • Write and present a paper at an academic gathering 
  • Teach a class (we will try to help you locate an opportunity) 
  • This focus will be helpful for those interested in learning to meld academics with practical engagement. 
  • This intern will choose another Focus Area in The Hendricks Center Internship to work on in conjunction with a purely academic exercise.  
Counseling and Family Ministry
  • Support LEAD – a five-day intensive transformational experience that looks at a person's life, work, and calling from four different vantage points: personal and family, giftedness, calling/purpose, and life dream
  • Assist in the logistical coordination of the program 
  • Observe LEAD sessions and participate in coaches meetings 
  • Brainstorm and execute advertising and content/resource curation for LEAD 


If you have seen what the Hendricks Center is up to (whether you are a student or not) and have thought, “I’d just like to be a part of that,” you are not alone. There have been so many people, we have actually created a program for it! Our fellowship is a voluntary partnership between you and the Center in which we agree to work together on a mutually agreed-upon project. From learning podcasting, establishing leadership programs, or brainstorming global leadership training, our Fellows have learned some fascinating skills and created some beautiful opportunities for ministry. If you like to choose your own adventure, this is the path for you!


This is an opportunity for persons with advanced degrees (or commensurate life and professional experience) to become a part of our staff for an agreed upon amount of time in order that we might mutually benefit one another with our areas of expertise and networks. If you are a professor, university staff member, or business professional interested in the work of the Center, we would love to become acquainted and see how we might be able to impact one another.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you are interested in one of these positions.