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Assessing Uniqueness, Exploring Dreams, Clarifying Direction


What is LEAD?

LEAD is a five-day intensive transformational experience that looks at a leader’s life, work, and calling from four different vantage points: Personal and Family, Giftedness, Ministry, and Life Dream. The process culminates in a personalized Game Plan that lays out “next-steps” for the leader to take in the aftermath of LEAD.

Who should attend?

LEAD is for you if you're an individual or couple facing transition, dealing with burnout, struggling in your relationships, questioning your calling, seeking a new horizon, or faced with similar concerns. In preparation for LEAD, you will fill out a number of assessments, questionnaires, and other materials for your LEAD coaches to use in gaining an in-depth understanding of the unique questions you are asking. Then during LEAD, you'll meet individually with four different coaches (alongside your spouse, if applicable) to work on those issues. Those sessions will help you identify and begin to resolve hindrances, gain needed insights and perspectives, and come away with practical action steps, so that in the aftermath of LEAD you can more effectively pursue the direction that God has for you.



Thanks to the flexibility of the online-only platform, participants would submit 3-4 options for possible weeks with the registration form, and one week would be selected based on the availability of coaches. However, LEAD is currently undergoing a few changes. Reach out to [email protected] for the latest update on availability of future intensives.


The time commitment entails completing a number of assessments, getting references, participating in spiritual direction sessions, and all of this culminates in the weeklong virtual intensive. On average, we say the paperwork takes about 20 hours to complete and the Zoom meetings during the intensive are about 20 hours as well. (If you are married, both spouses are expected to be fully involved in the process.)


Total cost $3,100* (whether single or a couple), which includes:

*A $500 deposit is due before preparation for your LEAD experience can begin. For those interested in participating in LEAD for DMin or DEdMin credit at DTS, feel free to email us at [email protected] for more details.

The LEAD Experience


Drawing on 30+ years of experience with thousands of leaders, LEAD offers you a robust, proven process for equipping you in fulfilling God’s purpose for your life and work. First, we'll examine your unique, God-given identity, vision, and giftedness, and show you how God has been working and continues to work in your personal and family life. We believe God has personally and intentionally created and shaped you by His sovereignty and grace for a specific purpose that you alone have been placed here to fulfill. We'll also identify the most important areas on which you need to focus for your growth, development, and health. And we'll end up making everything very practical and actionable by recommending a customized “game plan” to guide you after the LEAD experience.


Personal & Family Module

An experienced licensed professional counselor will help you better understand and make sense of how God has been working throughout your life—ever since childhood and even in the hard times you've experienced. The aim is to promote healing where it is needed and determine what positive steps you can take for growth in your personal and family life.

Giftedness Module

A trained expert will help you come to grips with your unique giftedness–the way in which God has designed you for specific purposes. For countless leaders, insight into giftedness has proven transformational in providing confidence about their strengths and clarity for their vocational direction.

Ministry Module

A seasoned ministry professional will help you evaluate and improve your vocational effectiveness. Together you'll examine the specific issues, problems, and dynamics of the situations you are facing in your work, and together develop some meaningful strategies for the most effective ways to handle those matters.

Life Dream Module

Your Life Dream Coach will help you look head into the future and envision where God seems to be leading you and what you might aspire to in the next season of your life. This module will have significant bearing on the creation of your personalized Game Plan as the culmination of the LEAD process.

Keep in mind that before and throughout the LEAD experience, the LEAD coaches interact extensively with each other on each participant’s needs, concerns, and realities. Through this collaboration, the coaches are able to bring a multiplied expertise to bear on any individual’s situation.

If you would like more information on LEAD, please contact The Hendricks Center at 214-887-5250 or via email [email protected].


Chuck Swindoll

LEAD is the premier leadership development experience.

Steve Breedlove

There are times in our lives when God orchestrates events for maximum impact—molten moments—when He shapes us forever for Him. LEAD was such a time in our lives!

Lance & Melissa Williams

My wife and I participated in E-Lead back in the Spring of 2008. To say that that time was instrumental is a vast understatement. My wife and I still reference some of the purposeful conversations we had during that weekend and we still enjoy some of the ministry partnerships that were formed during that time. Upon entry for that week, I still had no idea where God wanted me to serve the local church. I left that weekend with more certainty about how God had uniquely designed me, how my story was shaping my future, and God’s trajectory for my life and ministry.

Tom & Celia Douthit

My wife Celia and I attended LEAD 84 in the summer of 2008. We signed up at the last minute, scrambling to get all the advanced work/interviews done, rambled into Dallas not really sure what to expect, but left at the end of the week saying "this is the most spiritually significant experience we have ever had together". The two themes that emerged during the Life Dream section are still a key grid in my thinking. Celia received great and much needed affirmation of her passion and personality. It was a liberating investment. I could go on and on…

Chris Freeland

The Hendricks Center has been a strategic ally for me at various points during my leadership. As a student at DTS, it helped me develop a theologically robust and Christ- centered perspective of leadership in both church and community. As a young pastor, it helped my wife and I navigate the complexities of organizational leadership and self- leadership together. As I’ve grown as a leader, I’ve been able to count on the Hendricks Center to add new tools and sharpen the existing tools in my toolbox while connect me with others with wisdom and expertise that have made me more effective. I’m a better husband, pastor, and leader because of my involvement with the Hendricks Center.