Living Now in Light of Then

In this second keynote session from the "Shaped By The Future (2017)" conference, Michael Svigel discusses why we need an eschatology that is hopeful and helps us now, focusing on real transformation of our worldview.

Michael J. Svigel
Besides teaching both historical and systematic theology at DTS, Dr. Svigel is actively engaged in teaching and writing for a broader evangelical audience. His passion for a Christ-centered theology and life is coupled with a penchant for humor, music, and writing. Dr. Svigel comes to DTS after working for several years in the legal field as well as serving as a writer with the ministry of Insight for Living. His books and articles range from text critical studies to juvenile fantasy. He and his wife, Stephanie, have three children, Sophie, Lucas, and Nathan.
Michael J. Svigel
February 27, 2017