Loving well when everybody's mad


It’s an angry world! Shouting matches on TV. Profanity and name-calling in the media. Rants and shaming on social media. Road rage in the streets. By contrast, Christ-followers are called to speak words that encourage and give grace to those who hear. How do we model Christ in our politicized, polarized, and outraged culture? Is it even possible to minister when you’re also angry? Especially when some of the angriest voices belong to Christians—with the resulting fallout of increased hostility towards the church (sometimes for good reason).


You don’t want to miss the excellent content from the virtual, interactive event hosted by The Hendricks Center on November 9, 2020. Ed Stetzer, Charlie Dates, Lynn Cohick, and other master communicators brought real-world experience and practical wisdom for how Christian leaders can offer biblical truth and Christ’s love in ways that can be heard, even by those who totally disagree. They also addressed what may be the biggest challenge of all: how to handle anger when attacked, ridiculed, misunderstood, or misrepresented.

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Session 1

A Real Seat at the Table: The Challenges Women Face
o    Speakers: Sandi Glahn, Lynn Cohick, Margaret Tolliver, Dipa Hart
o    Moderator: Darrell Bock

Practical Ministry in a Hostile Context
o    Charlie Dates, Ed Stetzer, Alejandro Mandes, Michael Ortiz
o    Moderator: Bill Hendricks

Session 2

Taking Action on Race in the Church
o    Speakers: Alejandro Mandes, Charlie Dates, Jeff Warren, and Bryan Carter
o    Moderator: Darrell Bock

Engagement: Scripture’s Balance of Invitation and Challenge 
o    Speakers: Daniel Hill, Lynn Cohick, Ed Stetzer, Michael Ortiz
o    Moderator: Sandi Glahn

Working Through Your Own Anger
o    Speakers: Eric Willis, Terrance Woodson
o    Moderator: Andi Thacker


Ed Stetzer

Charlie Dates

Darrell Bock

Lynn Cohick

Michael Ortiz

Daniel Hill

Sandra Glahn

Bryan Carter

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