Navigating Racial Reconciliation

In this session, Stephanie Carter discusses the church’s unique call for racial reconciliation. She draws attention to racial tensions, discusses her experience and her church's experience, and emphasizes the importance of having honest conversations by highlighting passages of Scripture.

Stephanie Carter

Stephanie Carter is the leader of the Women’s Ministry of Concord Church called “The Sisterhood.” She receives great joy by serving and ministering to the women of her church and community. She passionately leads the women of her church with a focus on creativity, service, relevance and biblical teaching. Her mission in life is to equip and inspire women to reach their full potential in Christ. She also has a heart for ministering to women married to pastors. She is also the creator of #Herstory Podcast.

She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She served as a teacher and instructional specialist in Fort Worth ISD for six years.

She and her husband, Pastor Bryan Carter are the proud parents of two daughters, Kaitlyn and Kennedy and a son, Carson.

Stephanie Carter
December 4, 2017