2018 Sessions

  • July 11-15, 2018 FULL
  • August 8-12, 2018 FULL
  • September 12-16, 2018

“LEAD is the premier leadership development experience.”

Chuck Swindoll

Chancellor, Dallas Seminary, Dallas, TX

“There are times in our lives when God orchestrates events for maximum impact—molten moments—when He shapes us forever for Him. LEAD was such a time in our lives!” Steve Breedlove

Crossroads Fellowship, Raleigh, NC

Who should attend?

Are you going through a transition in your life or ministry? Are you facing challenges in your current leadership role? Do you desire greater ministry effectiveness?

This program is created for ministry leaders who have completed a minimum of five years in full-time ministry. LEAD is designed to help you more effectively navigate the unique challenges you face in today’s ever-changing world. For those who are married, LEAD is designed for a husband and wife to participate together. Please be aware that married couples are required to both attend.



The rate for LEAD is $4,000 per couple (married couples are required to attend together) which includes:

Note: The Clergy Renewal Program is not connected with Dallas Seminary or The Hendricks Center. We list it here only as a potential source of funding. 


Participants spend five days and four nights at The Corinthian Bed and Breakfast, which is a close walk to the DTS campus. Featuring first-class breakfasts and luxurious rooms, this beautiful facility provides a relaxing place for participants to stay while attending the different coaching modules and processing the personal information and feedback.

If you would like more information on LEAD, please contact Amanda Stidham at 214-887-5250 or via email astidham@dts.edu.

The LEAD Experience

Process Overview

Drawing on 20 years of experience with hundreds of leaders, LEAD provides you with the following process that equips you to best fulfill God’s purpose for your life and ministry. The four-day, five-night experience involves the steps of evaluation and development culminating in a game plan. In the evaluation, participants will examine their identity, vision, giftedness, and how God has worked and continues to work in their personal and family life. LEAD recognizes that God has uniquely created and shaped you through His sovereignty and grace so that His specific purpose in your life may be fulfilled. During the development, participants will identify the most important areas to focus on in their development as well as discuss developmental recommendations for life and ministry growth. The LEAD process culminates in a “game plan”. The personalized Game Plan will be a practical, take-home tool which the participants will use to accomplish God’s purpose in their lives and ministry.

Life Coaching

Each participant utilizes the knowledge and experience of his/her personalized coaching team through approximately 25 hours of feedback.

Life Dream Module: a seasoned ministry professional, through the development of a Life Story, will help you better understand how God has uniquely created you, shaped you, and where He is leading you.

Personal and Family Module: a licensed professional counselor helps you to better understand and make sense of how God and worked and continues to work in your life in order to determine objectives for growth in your personal life, marriage, and family.

Ministry Module: a seasoned ministry professional works with you to evaluate and improve your ministry effectiveness.

IDAK Module: a trained IDAK (The name IDAK stands for one’s unique identity: ID = identity, AK = the Hebrew equivalent of unique or uniqueness) consultant gives you positive personal feedback as to what your giftedness and strengths are and how those strengths can be used to maximize your ministry.

Game Plan Module: a professional coach will work with you in order to clarify your direction by outlining your personal vision, most strategic areas to develop, and action steps to accomplish this vision.