• Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all LEAD sessions will be digital and available on-demand until otherwise indicated.

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“LEAD is the premier leadership development experience.” Chuck Swindoll

Chancellor, Dallas Seminary, Dallas, TX

“There are times in our lives when God orchestrates events for maximum impact—molten moments—when He shapes us forever for Him. LEAD was such a time in our lives!” Steve Breedlove

Crossroads Fellowship, Raleigh, NC


LEAD is a five-day intensive transformational experience that looks at a person’s life, work, and calling from four different vantage points: Personal and Family, Giftedness, Calling/Purpose, and Life Dream. The process culminates in a Game Plan that lays out “next-steps” to be carried out in the aftermath of LEAD.

Who should attend?

LEAD is ideal for individuals or couples with a variety of needs: facing transition, dealing with burnout, questioning their calling, or seeking new horizons, among other situations. In preparation for LEAD, participants fill out a number of assessments, questionnaires, and other materials for the LEAD coaches to use in gaining an in-depth understanding of the questions they are asking. Then during LEAD, individual meetings with each coach will go to work on those issues to help participants resolve hindrances and gain both insight and practical action steps in more effectively pursuing the direction God has for them.


Digital Meetings

$3,100 (whether single or a couple), which includes:

  • Several individualized assessment tools with personal feedback
  • Approximately 20+ hours of personalized coaching with trained module leaders
  • Spiritual direction
  • Unique Game Plan
  • Module recordings for future reference

    Note: Churches may apply for a grant to sponsor staff members through the Lily National Clergy Renewal Program (Download application). The Clergy Renewal Program is not connected with Dallas Seminary or The Hendricks Center. We list it here only as a potential source of funding.


    The LEAD Experience

    Process Overview

    Drawing on 30+ years of experience with thousands of leaders, LEAD provides participants with a robust, proven process that equips them to best fulfill God’s purpose for their life and work. First, we examine participant’s identity, vision, giftedness, and how God has worked and continues to work in their personal and family life. We believe God has uniquely created and shaped each participant through His sovereignty and grace so that His specific purposes in their lives may be fulfilled. We will also identify the most important areas that the participant needs to focus on for their development, and then recommend a specific “game plan” for their life and calling.

    Life Coaching

    Personal and Family Module: a licensed professional counselor helps participants better understand and make sense of how God has worked and continues to work in their lives in order to determine objectives for growth in their personal lives and families.

    Giftedness Module: a trained expert will help participants come to grips with their unique giftedness–the way in which God has designed them for specific purposes. Insight about one’s giftedness proves transformational in providing confidence in one’s strengths and clarity for vocational direction.

    Purpose/Calling Module: a seasoned professional works with participants to evaluate and improve their vocational effectiveness. The Purpose/Calling Coach will help the participant examine specific issues they are facing in their work and recommend strategies for handling those issues.

    Life Dream Module: The Life Dream Coach will help the participant look head into the future and envision where God seems to be leading them and what they might aspire to in the next season of their life. This module will have significant bearing on the creation of the participant’s Game Plan as the culmination of LEAD.

    Keep in mind that before and throughout the LEAD experience, the four LEAD coaches interact extensively with each other on each participant’s needs, concerns, and realities. Through this collaboration, the coaches are able to bring a multiplied expertise to bear on any individual’s situation.

    Moreover, participants benefit extensively from both formal and informal interactions with the other LEAD participants through group feedback sessions, meals, and conversations.

    If you would like more information on LEAD, please contact The Hendricks Center at 214-887-5250 or via email