Events / March 23, 2024

Online DTS Giftedness Workshop: Spring 2024

Discover what makes you unique


What is Giftedness?

When we use the term “giftedness” we are talking about a special phenomenon that happens at the intersection of your abilities and your motivation. When you are able to do what you love doing, your soul is fed by that work and you are able to serve in a way only you can.

Each semester, the Hendricks Center hosts “Giftedness Workshops” to help the DTS family identify their unique, God-given calling and start pursuing it. We would be honored to guide you through this process of discovering your giftedness through this online event. We first create an “owner's manual” on you through the workshop and then guide you through it in individualized guiding sessions. God has designed every person from the womb for specific “good works” that He has already prepared for them and intends for them to do. Come discover your individual design–giftedness–and learn how to start moving toward life and career options that make sense, given that design!

About the Process

There’s only one you!

Which means you “do life” in a thoroughly unique way. Discovering Your Giftedness® is based on a powerful and proven assessment process designed to identify what makes you unique. DYG® doesn’t compare you to other people. It looks at you as an individual.

Using DYG®, we can help you discover countless ways in which you naturally function. For example, how you prefer to learn. How you make decisions. How you relate to other people. What kinds of things you most like to work with. Even the circumstances in which you thrive.

And DYG® only looks at strengths. It doesn’t try to surface flaws, failures, or things that you don’t like about yourself. It brings to light what your best contribution can be.

About the Giftedness Workshop

When: Saturday, March 23, 2024 (to be eligible for individualized guiding, you must attend the entire workshop)

Time: 8:00AM – 4:00PM Central Time

Who: The DTS Giftedness Workshop is for DTS faculty, staff, students, and their spouses. Unfortunately, due to the highly interactive format, we are unable to accommodate anyone under 18 years old at the workshop.

Where: Online Only

Cost: $20 registration (non-refundable)

Prep Work: Please be aware, after registration each attendee will receive a welcome email with further instructions, including an Assessment Worksheet to fill out which takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Participants must complete the required prep work by March 15, 2024 in order to participate in the workshop.


Andrea LaMont

Hendricks Center – Staff Member Giftedness

Jennifer McCann

Giftedness Fellow at The Hendricks Center

To learn more about giftedness, click here.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the Giftedness Workshop!