all about influence

November 12, 2018  |  8:30 AM – 3:30 PM  

Dallas Theological Seminary


Women leading in ministry (whether you’re paid or not) face a unique set of challenges. The All about Influence Conference is specifically designed to help you to be effective as you use your God-given gifts, as well as to encourage you in your own spiritual journey. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to meet other women ministering in the area, to engage with our keynote speaker, Jenna Mountain, and to learn how to tackle difficult ministry tasks from other local ministry leaders!

Keynote speaker


Jenna Mountain is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas, a Certified Sex Therapist through the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists, and an EMDR trained therapist. She is a PhD Candidate at Texas A&M University-Commerce, pursuing a degree in Counselor Education and Supervision. Jenna serves as the Counseling Director at the Counseling Center at First Baptist Richardson and specializes in sexual dysfunction and trauma in her clinical practice. She also serves as an adjunct professor at Dallas Baptist University. She is a local and national speaker participating in both professional and community events. Her passion is to be a part of a greater healing story.

CONFERENCE Worship Leader


Worship Project Coordinator at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship


christen nutter

Youth Staff Leader at Park Cities Presbyterian Church

While not wanting to be “singled” out, single women often feel like an overlooked demographic. How do we as a church care for single women in a way that honors them and gives them opportunities to flourish? Come join us as we discuss the nuances of ministering to and with single women and a theology of singleness.

dee quick

School Counselor at Liberty Christian School

This workshop focuses on resolving ministry conflict constructively while maintaining your influence for Christ and preserving relationships.

dianne gibson

Manager of Community Courts, Dallas City Attorney’s Office

Sunday morning we have ALL Church Goers attention for at least two hours/excellent opportunity, to take the church to the community.  Follow the word of God “Faith without works is dead”.  Let the community know & see us by our works.

Erin Brindley & Stacy Claxton

Co-Founders of Souls in Synergy

When was the last time you took a good, hard look at you—the physical you—and how your body reflects your worship, stewardship, and discipleship? In this workshop, a church staffer and a health practitioner team up to connect key theological foundations of the Creator with his most treasured piece of creation: the human being. Together we’ll explore practical strategies to love and care for the beautiful, God-given skin you’re in so you can pursue a vibrant life of influence.

joy dahl

Doctoral Student at Dallas Theological Seminary

Do you (or people you minister to) view jobs in the secular workplace or work at home as toil? Do you/they wrestle with finding purpose in daily life? What is God’s perspective: Is some work more valuable to God and His Kingdom than other work?  In this workshop, we explore what God’s Word reveals about all work, and how this life-changing truth can equip and empower believers to live as Christ’s “sent ones” in our daily workplace mission fields.

Nancy frazier

Administrative Assistant for DTS in Español, Doctoral Student at Dallas Theological Seminary

This practical, hands-on workshop will help you go deeper in your Bible study by teaching you how to interact with the different biblical genres for more compelling, dynamic, and faithful Bible interpretation.

rhonda gonzalez

Conference Speaker and Director of North Dallas Family Church Children’s Choir

All humans are created in the image of God and designed to be in relationship with Him.  This includes people with special needs.

The church can minister to special needs families by creating a loving community that helps connect them by faith to God in their unique world.
Let us learn how to serve special needs families and point them to sacred resources to enhance their spiritual journey.


Adjunct Literature and Philosophy Professor

Dean of Enrollment Services and Educational Technology at Dallas Theological Seminary

John will present a broad overview of how technology fits into the story of God and how creatively using technology honors God and also shapes all aspects of our lives. Amber will address specific ways we can guard against allowing the downsides of technology to negatively direct our relationships, our work, and our family life.

Michelle Pokorny

Associate Director of Spiritual Formation and Adjunct Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary

What is the believer’s role in her sanctification? How can leaders encourage a culture of growth toward Christlikeness in their ministries? This interactive workshop will explore the process of individual and communal transformation as revealed through Scripture.


8:30 AM – Doors Open

9:00 – Keynote Session 1

10:30 – Workshop Session 1

11:30 – Lunch / Alumni Luncheon

12:30 pm – Workshop Session 2

2:00 – Keynote Session 2

3:30 – Conference Concludes



Registration Fees

  • $85/person (until 10/31/2018)
  • $95/person (after 10/31/2018)

Discounted Fees

  • $75/person for groups of 5 or more
  • $68/person for DTS Alumni
  • $30/person for DTS Employees
  • $30/person for Students
  • Special volunteer rate available. Contact the Hendricks Center team at for more information. 


In addition to our keynote sessions, you’ll choose 2 workshops to attend.

Who should come?

Bible study leaders, women’s ministry leaders, non-profit workers, church volunteers, or anybody passionate about influencing their spheres with the truth of the gospel and its ramfications for our lives. 

Parents with Children

In order to maintain an atmosphere that allows all of our guests to remain focused on the content of the event, we ask that all attendees be over the age of 14. The only exception is nursing infants, for which we will provide a nursing room (if desired).

Dallas Theological Seminary does not have any special agreements or price discounts at area hotels.

Venue Information

November 12, 2018

Dallas Theological Seminary


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