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The Table is a weekly podcast on topics related to God, Christianity, and cultural engagement brought to you by the Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary. The show features interviews with guests who are experts on the chosen topic, and each episode is hosted by a member of The Hendricks Center’s team.

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Dr. Yarbrough, Dr. Bailey, and Dr. Bock recording The Table podcast

The Relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament – Classic

In this classic episode, Drs. Mark Yarbrough, Darrell L. Bock, Mark Bailey, and Pastor Andy Stanley discuss the relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament, focusing on communicating biblical truth to a variety of audiences.

Andy Stanley • Darrell L. Bock • Mark L. Bailey • Mark M. Yarbrough
August 16, 2022
Dr. Bock and guests recording The Table podcast

Freedom from Pornography – Classic

In this classic episode, Dr. Darrell L. Bock, Josh McDowell, Joy Pedrow, and Josh Proctor discuss pornography, focusing on ministries that help people find freedom from addiction.

Darrell L. Bock • Josh McDowell • Josh Proctor • Joy Pedrow
August 9, 2022

Ministering in an Anxious World

In this episode, Kymberli Cook and Ronnie Martin discuss how to navigate a world filled with anxiety that affects not just the people in the pew but those speaking from the pulpit.

Kymberli Cook • Ronnie Martin
July 26, 2022

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Reflections on 10 Years of the Table Podcast

In this episode, Kymberli Cook, Bill Hendricks, Drs. Darrell Bock, and Mikel Del Rosario reflect on 10 years of the Table, focusing on their personal experiences hosting the podcast.

Bill Hendricks • Darrell L. Bock • Kymberli Cook • Mikel Del Rosario
July 12, 2022

Orality in Missions

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock and Ted Crump discuss orality in missions, focusing on ministering in cultures where people do not read or write.

Darrell L. Bock • Ted Crump
July 5, 2022

Serving Your Community

In this episode, Drs. Darrell Bock and Brian Fikkert discuss alleviating poverty, focusing on how best to help those in need and emphasizing each person's dignity from being made in the image of God.

Brian Fikkert • Darrell L. Bock
June 28, 2022

When Films Reflect Culture

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock, Claude Alexander, and John Priddy highlight films from the Sundance Film Festival and in collaboration with an online event hosted by Windrider, and they discuss each narrative, pointing out how Christians can glean fresh insight into our culture and the human condition.

Claude Alexander • Darrell L. Bock • John Priddy
June 14, 2022

Podcast Series

Nicene Creed

In this series from the Table podcast, experts discuss the Nicene Creed, highlighting various aspects of theology in each episode.

World Religions

In this series from the Table podcast, experts discuss how to engage with a variety of world religions through respectful conversations.