The Hendricks Center offers six internships each year. Interns at the Hendricks Center gain invaluable experience at a highly-orchestrated ministry on the front lines of culture and faith. The Hendricks Center gives you not just observation in the ministry, but also a voice to contribute to the conversation. These internships can be adapted to one, two, or three semesters in length (subject to the internship office requirements).

You are eligible for a Hendricks Center internship if you:

  • Are currently enrolled as a student at Dallas Theological Seminary in a professional ministry degree (not general academic programs)
  • Live in the Dallas area
  • Have not yet met the internship requirements
  • Can commit 7-10 hours per week
  • Think critically and compassionately

Each intern must be prepared to meet the following requirements: 

  • Attend the weekly staff meeting
  • Complete assigned readings
  • Attend bi-weekly internship-mentor meetings
  • Successfully meet the conditions of each semester's performance review
  • Attend selected events such as Leader Board, student dinners, workshops, Conferences, etc. (many of these events occur outside of office hours)
  • Enjoy working on a dynamic team

Below are the descriptions for each of the different internships that the Hendricks Center offers. If you are interested in applying for an internship through the Hendricks Center, please fill out the application below. Thank you!

Christian Leadership

This intern will assist in planning and executing leadership conferences and events, execute pastoral and leader interviews, write for The Voice by DTS, help produce The Table podcasts, and teach a lesson at a local Bible study. Mentor: Kym Cook, Bill Hendricks

Cultural Engagement

This intern will be largely involved in podcast production (planning topics, preparing episodes for release, scheduling), writing and proofreading books and articles, and helping plan, execute, and emcee events. Opportunity for writing blog articles for DTS Magazine is available. Mentor: Mikel Del Rosario, Darrell Bock

He or she will introduce speakers at selected workshops, help with registration processes, draft advertising materials, help conduct events, and have the opportunity to contribute to blog articles for DTS Magazine.
This intern will gain valuable experience as a Giftedness coach. The intern will be taken through the Giftedness Assessment process first, and then he or she will learn how to coach others through the process of learning their Giftedness. He or she will help plan, coordinate, and execute each workshop then select a few attendees to coach one-on-one over the following two months. The intern will also help with other Hendricks Center events and contribute to blog articles for The Voice. Mentor: Kym Cook, Amanda Stidham

This intern will assist in podcast production, promote our media resources, and create video/media to promote our ministries and events. He or she will function as the main Hendricks Center photographer for major events. Writing opportunity for The Voice is available. Mentor: Kymberli Cook

New Testament Hybrid

This focus will be helpful for those interested in learning to meld academics with practical engagement in an academic center. The intern will choose another internship focus area and do that in conjunction with a purely academic exercise. This intern may write and present a paper at regional ETS (or equivalent), teach a Lay Institute class, and choose another focus to fulfill those requirements. Dr. Bock is not currently offering a standard academic New Testament internship. Mentor: Mikel Del Rosario