Oletha Barnett

Oletha is the Director of the Conflict Resolution/Mediation Ministry at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, which assists members  to resolve conflict biblically. She is also responsible for teaching conflict resolution in the church Bible Institute, a prerequisite class to become a leader at Oak Cliff. She became a Certified Christian Conciliator with Peacemaker Ministries and formerly coached others to become certified by supervising a portion of their cases on behalf of Peacemaker Ministries. She continues to serve on the Peacemaker Ministries Board of Directors.

Though Oletha is an attorney and mediator, her primary focus is ministry, mostly related to conflict resolution. Her pastor, Dr. Tony Evans, awarded her lay leader of the year in 2010. Her conflict resolution services includes her private Christian mediations for biblical resolution of conflict. She served as a trial attorney for the former Interstate Commerce Commission in Washington, DC and headed the Dallas Regional Legal Division of the Department of Human Services where she supervised all the other attorneys in the region covering multi-faceted legal operations, including oversight for civil rights and hearings operations.

Oletha holds the degrees of Bachelor of Science (mathematics) and Juris Doctor (law) and Master of Arts in Christian Education from Dallas Theological seminary. She resides in Desoto, TX.