Events / March 28, 2023

Webinar: Faith, Work, and Sports

Work is an expression of worship when done unto God's purposes and for his glory.


Our work was never intended to be transactional; it was designed to be transformative. Since the beginning of creation, God has invited us to co-labor with him in all he has created. The Bible evidences that even before the Fall, we were called to work for his glory. But what was God’s original intention for our work? And even more, what does his divine design for our work mean for us today? In this webinar series, we consider how our work expresses worship when done unto his purposes and for his glory. We discuss a biblical framework for expressions of vocation and work. We consider how our work extends beyond our weekday occupation and transcends into all aspects of our ministry and life.

Faith and Work: Sports

Join us for this Faith, Work, and Sports live webinar as we consider how our faith informs the work we do with sports. Our guest, Dr. John White, is the Harold and Dottie Riley Associate Professor of Practical Theology and is also the Director of the Faith and Sports Institute (FSI) housed in Truett Seminary at Baylor University. FSI is a parachurch ministry comprised of athletes, coaches, chaplains, and scholars who provide theological education, compelling research, and formative practices for Christian leaders in sports. The institute offers a master's degree, a certificate program, a summer retreat for high school students, and other opportunities for students and stakeholders to grow in faith as they approach complex issues in the sports world from a thoughtful and informed Christian perspective. 

In this episode, we will discuss questions such as the following:

About This Webinar:

Date: Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Time: 12-1PM CDT

Cost: Free registration


John White

Director of the Faith & Sports Institute at Baylor University's Truett Seminary

John White (PhD) is the Harold and Dottie Riley Associate Professor of Practical Theology and Director of the Faith & Sports Institute (FSI) and Sports Chaplaincy/Ministry Program at Baylor's Truett Seminary. He holds a PhD in theological ethics from the University of Edinburgh, and he also completed an MDiv and an MA at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has numerous academic publications, including articles, five co-edited books, and two forthcoming books for which he is the sole author. Additionally, he has nearly two decades of experience in sports ministry, including serving as a sports chaplain and campus minister at three NCAA institutions and at the Olympic Training Center. He has also spoken or written about the topic of sports and Christianity for general audiences of such publications as Sports Illustrated, Sports Spectrum, Christianity Today, Wall Street Journal, Houston Chronicle, Common Good, and USA Today.


Christina Crenshaw

Cultural Engagement and Leadership Associate at The Hendricks Center

Dr. Christina Crenshaw has twenty years of experience as a professor, researcher, writer, and a faith and justice advocate. She holds a PhD in Education with an emphasis in English from Baylor University. As a Lecturer at Baylor University, she taught Faith and Writing, Vocational Leadership, and Human Trafficking Awareness courses. As an Assistant Professor at California Baptist University, she served in a dual department position teaching English and Education courses. Christina has also held staff leadership positions. She served as the Director of Baylor’s Leadership Minor and as the Program Director for Truett Seminary’s Faith and Sports Ministry. Prior to her experience in higher education, she taught high school students in both public and private schools. Christina also has extensive work in anti-human trafficking efforts. She has published and presented her work on human trafficking prevention curriculum in peerreviewed journals and at academic conferences. 

Currently, Christina serves as an Associate for Cultural Engagement and Leadership at Dallas Theology Seminary’s Hendricks Center. She also holds a Fellowship with Southwestern Seminary’s Land Center and Independent Women’s Forum. In these roles, she contributes to efforts and discussions on the intersections of the Church, vocation, leadership, and cultural engagement.